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Live, Love, Learn & Be Happy

About St Nicholas’ Primary School

At St Nicholas’ Primary School we aim to provide a stimulating and exciting educational environment where learning is purposeful and joyful.

The Staff and Governors of the school are committed to securing high standards of achievement and enjoyment through teaching the children to:

  • develop the ability to think and act independently and to take responsibility for their own learning
  • develop their full potential whatever their ability and to grow in self-confidence
  • work in co-operation with each other and to grow up without prejudice relating to race, religion, class or gender
  • have positive attitudes towards life and learning and cope with new challenges in a secure environment

The Staff and Governors are committed to working in partnership with parents and the wider community to achieve these aims.

These are just some of the comments we've had from our parents and pupils about the school:

The children there are happy, and loved and they get along. And that is what primary school is all about. - Parent, St Nicholas' Primary School, child in Year 1.

St Nicholas' Primary School is an inviting, inclusive community. My children have been encouraged to be themselves, develop their strengths and care for their fellow students, their community and their family. I couldn't ask for anything more from a primary school. 

Parent, St Nicholas' Primary School, child in Year 1 and 4.  

I feel safe safe at school

the year sixes look after younger children, they are called buddies.

I've got friends to look after me and if we ever fall out then there are friendship benches that you sit on and if someone else hasn't got anyone to play with you and them can make friends so I'm never lonely. -

Student, Year 5

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