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Welcome to Ash Class Webpage.

Welcome back!

Hope you all had a lovely half term break. 

This term we are welcoming our new head teacher Mrs Phillips, which is very exciting. 

We will be continuing with our work on the Ancient Egyptians.

Also we are really looking forward to our trip to  Legoland

We will be exploring the value of honesty this term. 





In English we will be using the story ‘The Prince of Egypt’ as inspiration.  This term we will be using the story to write play scripts, focusing on stage directions and dialouge. Later in the term, we will research a chosen topic about the Egyptians and write an information page.We will continue to teach SPaG discretely. We will be looking at sentence openers, adjectives to create impact and irregular and regular verbs.  Whilst continuing to use the Nelson Handwriting and Spelling schemes of work.


In Maths we will be recapping place value and using this to help us with addition and subtraction. In addition, we will be looking at multiplication and division and working hard to solve problems using formal methods.Alongside this, we will be using our previous knowledge to solve more complex problems. Making links in our learning and challenge ourselves. 


In Science, our first topic is Light and Shadow.  We will be look at shadows and examining how light reflects. After light we will be moving on to the topic Plants. Here we will be labelling plants and exploring what they need to grow.


Year 3  will have PE twice a week this term. One of these sessions will be athletics run by Dom. This will be to prepare them for sports day.  The other session will be cricket and this will be run by the teacher. We will be focusing on rules, skills and game play.

Philosophy For Children

Children will continue to participate in weekly P4C sessions. During these sessions children generate questions in response to a stimulus.  The sessions generally focus on our school values.


Our History topic this term is the Ancient Egyptians. We will be researching the civilizations of Ancient Egypt.  Looking at their culture, their religion, their buildings and their language. This term we will be linking our topic and English, as we will be focusing on the book the ‘Prince of Egypt’.


In RE, we will be looking at symbols and examining why these are important in different religions. We will also be looking at stories from the Bible. 


In Art, we will be using a critique style of drawing to draw an Egyptian statue, building or God. In Art this term, we will partake in a whole school project: we are creating 3D statues to make up a crowd.


Homework will be set once a week on Wednesday. Weekly spelling lists will be sent home on a Monday for a test on Friday. Parents are encouraged to hear there children read.  In addition, as a part of their homework, your child will bring home a Big Talk topic on Wednesday. Please help your children with this by enjoying discussion time with them so they have lots of ideas for Big Write on Friday. 

May we remind you that the children need a change of shoes and spare trousers for break time. Outdoor trousers should be kept in a plastic bag on their peg. 

Please come and speak to me if you have any questions. 

Miss Lily Higgins

Ash class planting bulbs!
Watering our plants.
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