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Welcome to Bluebell Nursery class webpage!

Hello! I am Bethan, the full-time teacher in Bluebell class this year. Working as part of the Bluebells staff team are Karen, Robert, Pat (student), Rhian (student) and Shadia (student).

Please come and talk to me if you have any questions or concerns.  If I am not available please do use the 'Email Bethan' button at the top of the page.

Our topic this term is Let's Celebrate and our school value is Appreciation. 

Last term we had a very successful focus on Goldilocks and the Three Bears, with all of our children learning to tell the story 'off by heart' along with accompanying actions. Over the new few weeks we shall be introducing the story 'Whatever Next' by Jill Murphy. We will again be learning to tell the story orally with actions to help us remember it. We are looking forward to exploring possible connecting themes such as light and dark, space and space travel (and aliens?!) as well as enrichment of imaginative and role play. 

Children in our Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) unit learn through a balance of adult-led and child-initiated experiences. Young children learn best when they explore and experience things first hand, often in playful ways. Our staff team are experienced in supporting children to make the most of learning opportunities. We will be putting your child's emotional and physical well-being at the heart of all that we do.

 The EYFS is a distinct phase of education with its own curriculum from birth to the end of the Reception year. Please cut and paste/ follow the link to find out more:


Each child will be supported to develop Characteristics of Effective Learning, which move through all areas of learning:

• playing and exploring - 

finding out and exploring, playing with what they know, being willing to ‘have a go’

• active learning -

being involved and concentrating, keeping trying, enjoying achieving what they set out to do

• creating and thinking critically 

having their own ideas, making links, choosing ways to do things


We will be supporting children to develop in a range of ways within the following seven EYFS Curriculum Areas:

Prime Areas (these are fundamental, work together, and move through to support development in all other areas)

Personal. Social and Emotional Development

Children will be:

  • learning to play in a group, sharing and taking turns
  • supported to form good relationships with peers and familiar adults
  • selecting and using activities and resources with help
  • learning about their own feelings, and how some actions and words can hurt others’ feelings
  • beginning to accept the needs of others

Communication and Language/ Philosophy for Children

Children will be:

  • listening to others in conversations and small groups
  • learning to understand and follow adult instructions
  • using talk to connect ideas, explain what is happening and anticipate what might happen next
  • recalling past experiences, putting events in the correct order
  • thinking about and responding to P4C questions and enquiries

Physical Development

Children will be:

  • moving safely and freely, with pleasure and confidence in a range of ways
  • drawing lines and circles using gross motor movements
  • using one-handed tools and equipment, practising a thumb and two-finger grasp when necessary
  • learning to attend to their toileting needs most of the time themselves
  • washing and drying their hands with increasing independence

Specific areas (these four areas include essential skills and knowledge for children to participate successfully in society)



Children will be:

  • taking part in rhyming and rhythmic activities
  • developing awareness of rhyme and alliteration
  • listening to and joining in with stories and poems
  • joining in with repeated refrains and anticipating key events and phrases in rhymes and stories


Children will be:

  • beginning to give meaning to marks as they draw and paint



Children will be:

  • reciting numbers in order to 10
  • beginning to match numerals and quantities correctly
  • beginning to represent numbers using fingers, marks on paper or pictures

Space, Shape and Measures

Children will be:

  • playing with and arranging shapes e.g. when using construction toys, beginning to talk about the shape of everyday objects

Understanding the World

 Children will be:

  • remembering and talking about their own experiences
  • talking about their observations
  • developing an understanding of growth and changes over time
  • talking about why things happen and how things work
  • showing an interest in technological toys and showing skill in making toys work

Expressive Arts and Design

Children will be:

  • exploring and learning about how sounds and colours can be changed
  • singing familiar songs and rhymes
  • responding to music with movement
  • exploring a range of art media
  • engaging in role play
  • building stories around toys
  • using imagination in dance, music, role play, art and design


We will be setting up an online learning journal (called Tapestry) for every child which we will use to track, record, assess and share with you significant learning experiences that your child has had, using comments, photographs and video. Parents/carers will be able to access their own child's journal using a secure password. 




Wishing Well Appeals

Please keep an eye on our wishing well appeal board. Your donations of items on the board are much appreciated and are used directly for activities with the children (play-dough, cooking etc). They really do help to enhance your children’s experiences at school.   We would be especially grateful for donations of tissues during the winter months!

Coffee Mornings

Don’t forget that we hold a coffee morning every Wednesday and Friday morning from 9.00 – 10.30. These are held in Daisy Class and are supported by staff from the Children’s Centre.  As always there will be singing and music sessions.  There are lots of ideas for games to play at home that will support your child's learning and development in fun ways! All parents and younger siblings are welcome.

Things to bring to school

  • A small bag to hang on your child’s coat peg (named polythene bag is fine), containing spare clothes etc. 
  • A named warm coat (ideally waterproof/water resistant) as we use the outdoor area in all weathers.
  • A named pair of wellies. We have some spare pairs in school so don’t worry if you don’t have any.


If you have any spare time and you would like to volunteer please come and see a member of staff in Bluebells.  We are always very grateful for your support. We would however suggest that you wait until after the October half term so that your child can become fully settled into their nursery routines before you volunteer.


If you have any puzzles, games or old toys that are in good condition, we would be happy to give them a new home!  We are particularly in need of battery operated 'technology' toys with buttons to press (e.g. VTech/remote controlled cars).  Large pieces of material that can be used for our roleplay areas would also be welcomed!


With warmest wishes




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