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Sand Art at its finest

The children showing off their bubble writing skills

A Warm Welcome to Cherry Class Webpage

From Mr Cosford (Teacher) 

Miss Monkley (TA), Agnes (1:1 PMs) and Chloe(1:1 am)

If you have any queries about this year please feel to contact using the above email link, or catch one of us after school and we will be happy to help in any way we can. 

PE will be on a Tuesday and a Thursday afternoon, please make sure the children have a full PE kit in school. 

Homework will be given out on a Wednesdays and will need to be handed back in by Tuesdays at the latest so that it can be marked in time be given out again on Wednesdays.

Any homework can be sent in via email to be printed or presented. 

Our topic for this whole term will be the British Empire and we will be discovering whether or not it was as truly  'Barmy'  as everyone was led to believe...


As Historians, we will be using different sources of evidence to answer key questions about the English Civil War and Oxford.

Such as; Oliver Cromwell hero or villain? Should Charles I have been executed? Causes of the of the civil war. 

As Geographers, we will be working on our map reading skills and basing on Oxford itself and knowing the symbols of the ordinance survey map. We will be investigating the human and physical geography of Oxford, along with road routes and physical geography. The will be a few sessions on climate, focussing on the seasons

As Artists and Designers, we will focus on our whole school art project this term. This will be designing a mural to go onto the underpass outside the school grounds. The children will use various colour schemes and colour blending in order to design aspects of the mural. The main coverage will be that of flying carpets. 


Our guided reading book this term will be the Stormbreaker novel, based on Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz.

Throughout the term, we will continue to develop our comprehension skills and to learn and apply spelling rules. 

The Children will be creating their own narrative based on 


Our topics this term include: Adding and subtraction of 4-digit numbers as well as fractions. We’ll also be working on learning our 9 times tables and revisiting our 6 and 7s.

The children will also continue to work on the multiplication and division skills.

We will be looking at various geometric shapes and how to classify them, as well as finding out about statistics and data collection.

We are continuing to improve our telling of the time in 12 and 24 hour clocks. Focussing on elapsed time frames. 

Throughout the term, we will continue to practice arithmetic and problem solving skills.


In Science, we will be looking at sound. 

We will look at how sound is formed and how it is able to travel. 


This term in R.E, we will be learning about parables- researching the different religious symbols and the meaning they have. 


In computing this term, we will research information linked to our topic and English work. This will help us in understanding the English Civil war. 


PE on Tuesdays will be taken by Dom or Dale. These will consist of Athletics and Games. Thursday's PE session will be taken by Mr Cosford. 


French this term will continue to be taken by Mr Nicholls. The children will be focussing on body parts and rooms within the home. Whilst cementing what they have already learnt in Term 1. 

P4C and PSHE

Our values this term are: Courage and Friendship. We will develop our understanding of these values in our P4C sessions, class discussions and during assemblies.

We will continue to learn more about developing a growth mind set and explore why our attitude to learning is important and the difference that this can make to our learning.

As the weather is heating up, please can I remind you to send your children in with a water bottle, hat and suncream each day.  


Here's to an enjoyable Term. 


Mr C, Chloe, Miss Monkley and Agnes

Using Carol Diagrams
Class Investigation
Using the Carol Diagram to sort different regular polygons
The Osigili Maasai Warriors

The Whole school had the privildge to experience the Osigili Maasai Warriors coming into school and performing for us. They taught us about their culture and where they come from. We learned that they tell stories through songs and that they have no formal history written down. This is due their past being passed down generations through songs and dance. It was an incredible experience. 

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