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A Warm Welcome to Cherry Class Webpage

From Mr Cosford (Teacher) 

Kirsty (TA) 


Agnes (1:1 PMs)

If you have any queries about this year please feel to contact using the above email link, or catch one of us after school and we will be happy to help in any way we can. 

PE will be on a Tuesday and a Thursday afternoon, please make sure the children have a full PE kit in school. 

Homework will be given out on a Wednesdays and will need to be handed back in by Tuesdays at the latest, so that it can be marked in time be given out again on Wednesdays.

Any homework can be sent in via email to be printed or presented. 

Our topic for this whole term will be the Romans and we will be discovering whether or not they truly as 'RUTHLESS' as everyone is led to believe...


As Historians, we will be using different sources of evidence to answer key questions about the Romans. We will be learning about aspects of daily life in Roman times, focusing specifically on the lives of the rich and that of the poor, exploring the invasion of Britain by the Romans, looking at the story of Boudicca, Roman Gods and exploring the story of Pompeii and its connection with Mount Vesuvius. 

As Geographers, we will be working on our map reading skills and basing on Italy and knowing the countries in Europe. We will be investigating the human and physical geography of Italy, along with volcanoes. Our focus volcano will be Mount Vesuvius, looking into its key features and it impact on Pompeii

As Artists and Designers, we will focus on mosaics, looking in particular at the mosaics in the St Marks Basilica in Venice and the Santa Cecilia in Rome. We will also be looking at portraits.


Our guided reading book this term "How to train your Dragon" by Cressida Cowell. We will be reading as a class and focussing on emotions and descriptions of characters and settings. 

For our narrative writing, we will be writing stories with a historical setting, based on the Roman text of Romulus and Remus. 

We will then focus on creating images through writing. 


Our topics this term include: comparing whole numbers to one hundred thousand; rounding to ten and one hundred; estimation, factors and multiples; multiplying by one and two digits and dividing by one digit. We will apply the concepts and skills of the four operations to solve word problems.

We will be looking at various geometric shapes and their properties, as well as finding out about statistics and data collection.

Throughout the term, we will continue to practice arithmetic and problem solving skills and to improve our recall of our multiplication tables.

During Maths this term we looked at place value and the subtration and Addition number operations. After that we investigated different geoemtric shapes and looked into statistcs. Specifically, how to present data in tables and graphs.


In Science, we will be looking at states of matter. 

This will include doing some expriments on the different states and how we can manipulate them ourselves and how the environemnt creates it. The children will plan and set out the experiments, recoridng their findings. 


This term in R.E, we will be learning about pilgrimages - researching the different world religions and exploring their views on pilgrimage. Linking in with a comparison to Catholics in Italy. We will also be exploring the Vatican and its importance in Catholicism.


In computing this term, we will research information linked to our topic and English work. This will help us in writing a factual information page and newspaper report.

We will research and learn about the varying forms of mosaics and how they came to be. 

The children will enhance their skills using Google as a search engine and what constitutes safe Internet usage.


PE on Tuesdays will be taken by Dom and Dale. These will consist of Athletics and Games. Thursday's sessions will be taken by Mr Cosford and will be based of the Real PE curriculum. 


French this year will be taken by Mr Nicholls, he has been teaching at St Nicks for a long time now and really makes French enjoyable and interactive. This half term the children will be focussing on pets, how to say their names and ask people how they are. 

P4C and PSHE

Our values this term are: Unity and Appreciation. We will develop our understanding of these values in our P4C sessions, class discussions and during assemblies.

We will continue to learn more about developing a growth mind set and explore why our attitude to learning is important and the difference that this can make to our learning.


Please remember to bring in both indoor and outdoor shoes for the children, along with water bottles. Where possible can they leave pencil cases at home, as they have everything they will need in the classroom. 

Here's to an enjoyable year. 


Mr C, Kirsty and Agnes

Using Carol Diagrams
Class Investigation
Using the Carol Diagram to sort different regular polygons
The Osigili Maasai Warriors

The Whole school had the privildge to experience the Osigili Maasai Warriors coming into school and performing for us. They taught us about their culture and where they come from. We learned that they tell stories through songs and that they have no formal history written down. This is due their past being passed down generations through songs and dance. It was an incredible experience. 

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