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Spring term 2

Teaching in Elm class this year is Mrs Thomson and Mr Nicholls

If you need to speak to either teacher, please feel free to use the email function on the class page, or arrange to meet before or after school at a mutually convenient time.

Homework is sent home every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

This term our value is Responsibility

To finish our 'Evolution and Inheritance' topic in science, we had an evolution design competition.  Using our knowledge of Charles Darwin and how he discovered 13 different species of finch, which ultimately led to his ‘Origin of Species’ book, we decided to be finches ourselves. 

The class were split into pairs and were given:

- 2 pencils

- rubber bands

- sellotape

- smarties

- strawberry laces

And had to design a ‘finch beak’. The children were given 1 minute to try and pick up as many smarties (nuts) and strawberry laces (worms) as they could in the given time. 

There were some very clever designs, and some, which may not have passed the evolutionary test of time!

In Science this term, we are looking at evolution and adaptation.  To start the topic, we have gone right back to the beginning and have been exploring the structure of a cell. In order to make this relevant to our world, we looked our very own cheek cells under the microscope.

Merry Christmas

We would like to thank you for all of your hard work this term.  We are all very proud of you and are looking forward to the same level of rigour in January. 

We believe that encouraging children to participate in magical life experiences is so important - that is why when it started snowing this morning, we had to grab the opportunity to feel the snowflakes on our faces.

Thank you to all of the parents who were able to join us for the Winter Craft Afternoon.  We had a wonderful time making: dreidles to represent Hannukah; angles, to represent Christmas and painting a beautiful representation of the Bodhi tree to celebrate Bodhi Day which is celebrated by Buddhists around the world in December.

We have started our new topic of 'Coordinates' in maths.  As it is December 4th, we have decided to kick the topic off with a game of Christmas Battleships. We are now very secure with finding objects on a positive and negative coordinate grid.

Our Christmas Advent has taken a Year 6 twist - always grabbing an opportunity to practise our arithmetic skills.  Tayla set the bar high and answered her question with confidence.

Multiplication Madness!


This term, we are focusing on our 12 times tables.  We are thoroughly enjoying practising using the songs and our very own dance moves.


Please help us at home by practising everyday.

We have started off the second half of the Autumn Term with a buzz!


We have started to explore electricity in science.  We were able to create simple circuits using buzzers, motors and bulbs.

Have a look in our science books to see our knowledge of electricity symbols.

Our Unity week has been incredible so far. We have had an incredibly rare and exciting opportunity, where we were able to watch and join in with a performance from Osiligi Tribe of the Massai Warriors. 

We have been reading 'Outlaw' by Michael Morpurgo.  We have noticed how he tends to use short sentences packed with rich descriptive language.

We were introduced to Marcia Williams' comic version of Robin Hood and we have been making comparisons between writing and illustrative style.

In maths we have been recapping column addition and subtraction.  Reece and Cobi has been modelling how to set out our sums.

Kilvrough 2017


We have had such an exciting start to the term! On September 11th, 54 year 6 pupils went to Kilvrough Manor in Wales for the whole week.  We experienced body boarding in huge waves; caving in a 350 million yeeear old cave;scrambling over some extraordinary cliffs and gaining vital life and social skills by encouraging unity and responsibility. 

The children who stayed at school were involved in a superhero project, where they had the freedom to choose, design and develop their own superhero logo.


Learning Zone


12 October 2017


Our P4C question this week is….

Are humans more important than animals?

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