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Summer term 2

Teaching in the Fir class this year is Miss Duff and Sarah. PPA will be covered by Mrs Collins and Lisa on a Wednesday afternoon. If you need to speak to Miss Duff please feel free to arrange a time via e-mail. 

Homework is sent home every Thursday and is due on Monday of each week.

This term our value is Friendship

Our topic this term is Explorers and Adventurers 

PE is on Monday and swimming will be on Tuesdays.

Please make sure you have indoor shoes at school

Our library day is Monday 1:30-1:50. We will also be reading with our reading buddies Sunflower on a Tuesday so don't forget to bring your book!


This week our spellings are










Hill End

6th June 2018

Pond dipping

Making damper bread on the fire

Den Building

We love learning Curisive handwriting!

Elaine Steane was honoured by the Mayor of Oxford for her dedicated work as an Arch reader. Elaine has been volunteering for Arch readers for 15 years and we love having her support in engaging children and committing to life long friendships. Thank you Elaine

Healthcare professional week

Year 2 were really lucky to have different visitors from a range of healthcare fields.

Nurse Ben told us about his job on the ward. He showed us different ways of bandaging arms and legs. Ben also taught us how to avoid visiting hospitals by staying safe and healthy.

Becky is a community nurse who works in supporting mental health. Becky taught us about being strong and using things that make us feel strong to help us move forward when things bring us down. We made a tree of strength to look at everytime we feel low.

Sarah is a peadiatrician who works with children's brains. She showed us what our brains look like and how they work.

Dr Salem is a cardiac anesthesiologist. He is a surgeon who looks after hearts. He taught us about hygiene in hospital when we wore his scrubs.

A massive thank you to all the parents/carers that came in to support our healthcare week. If anyone is interested in joining our science parents network please contact Mrs Whittle

Healthcare day

We loved dressing up as people from the healthcare industry. From paramedics to vets! We worked on diagnosing eachother based on our symptoms. 

Healthcare dressup day

The Firefighters visit

Year 2 loved meeting the firefighters. We learnt all about what to do if there is a fire. How we can prevent fires and what we should avoid (matches and lighters). We loved going on the fire engine and sitting in the seats. We are going to use everything we have learnt to write a set of instructions on what to do if there is a fire. Don't forget to check your smoke detector. 


Great Fire of Marston

Great Fire of Marston

Great Fire of London

We loved our visit from One Day Theatre company. We used our bodies to tell the stoy of the Great Fire of London through freezeframes. We loved learning about Samual Pepys and the fire on pudding lane. We especially loved when the people of London used Unity to put the fire out. 



Marvellous Marston

On October 2nd Year 2 went on a local walk around Marston. We looked at all the key features (both human and physical). We looked at the different houses and how they changed as we walked from Old Marston to New Marston. We loved picking up all the different coloured leaves, finding thatched cottages and cottages.

We went past the church and the old school building. We saw the library and Mortimor Hall nursery.

All the staff were very impressed with the behaviour shown by all the Year 2 children. Thank you for being so responsible, independent and respectful.


Swift Workshop

Sarah Dandy from the Health Trust came in to talk to us about swifts. Swifts are small birds and they live in old buildings that may be done up or knocked down. We made our own swift nests out of hay, leaves and willow.

International Day in Fir Class

Fir Class loved international day. We wore our traditional dress from different countries. Lots of us came in our Beavers uniforms.

We spent our afternoon celebrating the different cultures in our class: Check out our pictures below.

We celebrated Miss Duff's Scottish heritage by making porridge. We learnt about the history of porridge. Check if we can remember what a scurtle is!

We made Dutch windmills


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