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A warm welcome to Lime Class Webpage

Summer Term

Teaching in Lime class this year is Mr Briggs and Mrs Kelsey is the class TA.

If you need to speak to Mr Briggs, please feel free to use the email function on the class page, or arrange to meet before or after school at a mutually convenient time.

Homework is sent home every Wednesday and is due back on Tuesday of each week at the very latest, so it can all get marked. If you can get your homework back in early 3 weeks in a row, I'll give you a week off homework. PE is every Tuesday and Thursday and we'll be trying to be outside as much as possible. So, please make sure you have your PE kit in school on those days.

This terms our values is are Courage and Friendship and our topic is The English Civil War.

Mr Briggs and Mrs Kesley

Maths - our topics this term include: Adding and subtraction of 4-digit numbers as well as fractions. We’ll also be working on learning our 12 times tables and revisiting the other times tables as needed. The children will also continue to work on their multiplication and division skills as well as fraction work. We will be looking at various geometric problems as well as continuing to practice telling the time in 12 and 24 hour clocks 

Throughout the term, we will continue to practice arithmetic and problem solving skills. 


Lime Class Colour Wheels

As Artists and Designers, we will be taking part in the whole school art project. We will be working in partnership with local artisit and residents in creating a mural to be painted on the underpass. We will also be designing our own Totem Pole, taking inspiration from Native Americans, but basing our designs around the civil war.



Class had an excellent time at Yenworthy Lodge, Somerset, earlier this term. It was an amazing experience and everyone seems to have grown in confidence and self-belief because of the trip. We experienced so many different things over the week; low ropes and a night walk on Monday; Outdoor Business, including a zip wire and a walk up a waterfall on Tuesday; Wednesday saw us having an Exmoor adventure, where we had a small fire, painted out faces and rein acted the story of Lorna Doone; Thursday included a walk down the Lynn Valley from Waters Meet, rock pooling and making towers on the beach; followed by Coasteering (scrambling) around the boulders at the bottom of the cliffs, toasting marshmallows’ on an open fire and making beach art linked to our week.

In Science, we will be looking at Circuits and Conductors as well as Changing Sound. The children will learn all about where electricity comes from, how to keep safe and how to build a circuit using batteries, bulbs, wires and switches. We will also be f inding out all about sound. We will learn all about the ear, how we hear sounds and that sounds are made when objects vibrate. 

We had loads of fun as a class during Science Week 2018. We had so much fun learning about fire with our Science Oxford workshop and also with our visit from Mrs Jones, Mr Cosfords mother, who came all the way from Repton School to teach us about combustible chemicals. We had so much fun.

Science Week 2018

As Historians, we will use different sources of evidence to answer key questions about the English Civil War. We will make comparisons between historical events during this period of history explaining things that have changed and things, which have stayed the same. We will be learning all about our local area of Marston and how it featured in the Civil War. We will look at Old Marston past and present and study old maps and photos.  We will also be researching the blue plaques that can be found in Marston and others around Oxford that link to the Civil War. One of the highlights of this topic will be a guided tour round Oxford with Mr Nichols. We also hope to visit one of the colleges and take a climb up tower of University Church of St Mary the Virgin on High Street.

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