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Welcome to Lime Class

Summer Term

There are lots of exciting activites planned for Lime Class this term as well as Clarinets on a Thursday afternoon with Mr Flint, we'll also be having a Year 4 Clarinet concert on the 15th June for Year 4 parents. Our value this half term is Honesty. 


In Maths we will learn more about the 4 number operations and practise our mental maths methods, as well as looking at data collection, measures and problem solving. We will be focussing on rapid recall of the 6, 7 and 9 times tables. Place value will be studied and the ability to multiply and divide using formal methods. Knowledge of money and fractions will be developed. We will also look at angles and learn about interpreting graphs and presenting discrete and continuous data as well as revisit time.

Problem Solving in Maths


 Some of the children from Lime Class have been lucky enough to be part of the Year 3 & 4 Rock band; they have rehearsals each week and will be putting on a ROCK concert later in the term and we'll also be putting on a Clarinet concert after half term for everyone to enjoy.


In English we are looking at explanation texts.  The children will be exploring the text features and the language used.  By the end of the topic they will be writing their own explanation texts. We will also be reading, writing and performing poetry. Grammar will continue to be taught and the children will develop their knowledge of punctuation, spelling, words types and sentence structure.


Our topic this term is Circuits & Conductors. The children will learn all about where electricity comes from, how to keep safe and how to build a circuit using batteries, bulbs, wires and switches. In the final summer term we will be finding out all about sound. We will learn all about the ear, how we hear sounds and that sounds are made when objects vibrate.

Science Week 2017

Teeth and Digestion


We've also spent some time looking at plate techtonics and how they move and create volcanoes.

Volcanoes in Lime

Chinese New Year Art Work

Chinese New Year


This term we will be learning how to introduce our family members. Then we will do French storytelling using a traditional tale 'Quel radis dis donc!' (this is similar to the Giant Turnip).  


Lime Class will have PE twice a week this term, on Tuesdays and Fridays. Please remember your PE stuff each week for Tennis where the children will be looking at improving their core muscles and balance, hand eye coordination and agility. We'll also be havig Cricket sessions on a Friday afternoon too throughout the half term. Please make sure that your child has their PE kit in school Tuesdays and Fridays.


Appreciation Week

As part of Appreciation week we all made each other some cards to let each other know how much we appreciate each other.

On our way to the Botanic Gardens in Oxford
Having lunch in one of the green houses at the Botanic Gardens in town
Getting ready for the first activity at the Botanic Gardens
Lime Class enjoying the introduction to the afternoon with Vicki
Some amazing peppers growing in the greenhouse along with some other wonderful fruits
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