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Summer 2017 - term 5

This term we are starting off by focusing on our preparation for SATs, which will be taking place on the week beginning 8th May.  After that is out of the way, we will be starting preparation for our play and beginning work on a transition project in English, looking at the War in Troy, and the start of Odysseus' journey in the Odyssey.  This last two terms will also be full of lots of bits and bobs like IMPS, transition visits to secondary schools and various odds and ends.

Spring 2017 - term 4

This term we are focusing on our creative writing skills in English, creating stories using a variety of different stimuluses to spark our imaginations.  In Maths we will be learning about shape, including angles and volume, and the algebra of sequences.   Our topic on the Golden Age of Baghdad continues and we hope to visit a local mosque during the term.  In science we have moved on to looking at Light and will then learn about our bodies and our digestive and cardiovascular systems.

Spring 2017 - term 3

This term we are moving on to a completely new topic; we will be learning about the Golden Age of the Islamic Empire, focusing specifically on Baghdad as the centre of the empire in that period.  We will explore the history of the region in that period and how the developments affected the movement of Europe into the Renaisance.  We will also link this to our RE, looking at how faith is expressed using the arts.

In science we will explore electricity and make circuits, after which we will move on to looking at light, the eye and how we see things.  In Maths we will be working on algebra for the first time so that should be an interesting challenge!

In English, we're going to read Oranges in No-man's Land, which is set during the Lebanese Civil War in the 80s and explore the experience of people living in war torn regions today.

Autumn 2016 - term 2

This term our main focus is our science topic where we are learning about evolution and adaptation and we are hoping to have a very exiting visit from an expert in the field to talk to us in detail.  This will also be feeding into our our English, which is on writing reports, although we won't stick purely to the real world for our report topics!

In Maths, our work on the compact method for long divsion wraps up our work on calculation methods, and should give us all the tools we need to tackle the rest of the maths curriculum for this year.  Once we've completed that work, we'll move on to look at fractions, decimals and percentages, how they are linked and how to calculate fractions and percentages of amounts.

We had a very successful residential trip despite the wet weather and I'd like to thank everyone who came along for making it such a good week.  From what Sue tells me, those who stayed behind had an equally positive and fun time working on their super hero project.

Beach art!
Beach art!
Beach art!
Beach art!
All together on our last morning
All together on our last morning

Autumn 2016 - term 1

We have a lot of exciting things happening this term.  We will be going on our residential very soon - we're really lucky to be going in September and we have fingers and toes crossed for good weather so that we can enjoy the full range of activites on offer at Kilvrough.  We'll also be visiting Junior Citizen in November, which is a really good experience to help the children develop their independent thinking skills.

Our value for Term 1 is Friendship and we'll be celebrating friendship week starting on the 3rd October, with a focus on international friendships and culminating in International Evening, when we hope to see as many of you as possible for an evening of fun, music and food.  For Term 2, we will be thinking about Appreciation and trying to appreciate the role that everyone in our school community plays in making St Nicks the place that it is.

Of course we will also be doing some actual work!  In maths, we'll be looking at the basic four calculations and then moving on to fractions and percentages.  In English, we'll do some work on fiction and some on report writing.  In science, we'll look at classification, then evolution and then electricity.  For our topic, we're starting with a brief focus on geography, looking at the Gower penninsula before moving onto looking at the history of medicine and the role of UK scientists in its development.

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