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Welcome to Olive Class.

We hope you enjoyed the Easter break. 

This term we will be starting a whole new geography based topic - Extreme Earth.  We will be finding out about extreme weathers such as  tsunamis, tornadoes, blizards, drought, the monsoon and many more. We will also be finding out about our own weather here in Marston, which will be particularly important because we will be planting our raised bed this term. We hope the weather is perfect for growing! 

In literacy we will be investigating  spooky and astmospheric stories. We have already looked at aspects of the Lord of the Rings, along with Robert Swindell's Room 13.  We will be searching for spooky words all term and using these for atmosphere and description in our literacy work. Later on in the term we will be looking at explanation texts and develop our ability to explain why and how earth quakes and volcanoes occur.  We even have a geologist visiting to help us understand these extreme events.

In maths we will be looking at Roman numerals, rounding, and measures. We hope to continue to develop our rapid recall of number facts through the Big Maths.  Lots of real life problems will help us to apply all the things that we have been learning about this year.  Keep working on your times tables when ever you have a spare minute. 

This term we are heading off on our trip to France. We have learnt how to ask for items of food and drink and now we are learning about french money. We will be able to use our french when we visit the super market. Every one is very excited and we are looking forward to putting up lots of photos when we return. 

In art, we are developing our abilty to discuss works of art by studying one picture.  Please ask your child about this.  We will be developing a range of interesting speaking and listening, P for C and practical art activities based around this one piece of work.  Please come to our exhibition which is scheduled for the end of term, dates and times to be announced. 

Science- Can you change materials and then reverse the change?  Are there some changes that are irriversible?  What everyday materials do we combine and change?  We will be carrying out lots of investigations this term to find out about materials and changes.



Take one picture
This term we will be responding to this picture to develop our sculpture skills.
Extreme Earth
We can't wait to find out about the extreme Earth.
atmopheric and spooky words.
This term we will be building fear and suspense in our writing.

Our trip to France was fantastic. We couldn't have wished for better weather. It was an early start, 5 to be precise, but most of us made it. Luckily the roads were clear and before long we were on the Channel train shuttle, which proved a very exciting experience for us all.  A visit to a French bakery, the beach, the old town and a real french supermarket, meant that the journey back the coach was very quiet. 

This term we have also been preparing our raised bed with weeding, watering and growing. We hope we have better luck this year.

Our 3d sculpture work is proving to be a lot of fun. 


Science week was great fun.  Since we are learning about Ancient Greek, our famous scientist was Archimedes. We  found  out about him and looked at three of his famous inventions, the claw, the catapult and his screw, which was an invention to transport water from low lands to high lands. We made our own screws in groups to see if we could get water to defy gravity. Some of us were successful.

Other highlights of the week, included a visit to see the chicks in Foundation stage, a visit from Science Oxford and making Slush puppies with Wei Jean's mum. 

Now we are starting to look at how materials change, including reversible and irreversible changes.  We will be cooking, it's an irreversible change after all!  We have been using filter papers, sieves and evaporation to split mixtures.

In RE we will be studying the Christian celebtration of Easter, by visiting St Nicholas Church in Old Marston for a workshop.  This should be informative and interesting for us all.



Making Croissant and Pan au Chocolat
Having fun on the beach at Calais
Spending euros at the supermarket
sewing seeds for our raised beds
Making structures using art straws
Working hard on construction
Investigating buoyancy.
All about forces.
What happens to the weight of the can in water?
Making slush puppies with ice and salt.
Where's Wally?  Making costumes for world book day.
Making costumes for world book day
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