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Summer Term

Our value in term 5 is courage.

Teaching in Olive class this year are Ms McNulty and Miss Coulson 

If you need to speak to Ms McNulty, please feel free to use the email function on the class page, or arrange to meet before or after school at a mutually convenient time.

Homework is sent home every Thursday or Friday and is due on Tuesday of each week.

This term our value is courage

Our new topic is the extreme earth!  We will be finding out about the structure of our earth and atmosphere and the extreme disasters that occur world wide.  This will be linked to a whole term of geography.  We will be finding out and explaining how and where earth quakes occur, tsunamis and whirlwinds.  It should be a hair rising journey. 


In guided reading this term we will be looking at a book by the author Philip Pullman called the 'Fire-work Makers Daughter.'  This is a story set in Indonesia.  The main character is a girl called Lila, who is determined and courageous. She sets off on an exciting adventure through the tropical lands of this fascinating country, meeting characters along the way in order to find her true vocation in life.

In English we will be reading and writing spooky stories and learning to build suspense in our writing.  We will also be learning to write explanations which will be linked to our topic this term.  Children will be developing their spellings through 'Read, Write and Inc.'

Maths will focus on volume, capacity and measures. We develop our knowledge of the language of lines and continue to improve our decimal knowledge. Our x tables focus this term is x6.    Chanting of x tables at home and online games, would support this work.   Every morning your child will be carrying out a x tables knowledge initiative. Ask them how much progress they have made since last term. 

In science we will continue to look at materials and changes,moving on in term 6 to a project on our solar system.

Please do ensure that your child has their PE kit on a Monday and Thursday and Friday.  In our PE slots we  will be developing our tennis skills, athletics and cricket skills.  Again, please ensure that you have the correct kit. 

It should be another exciting term!



Can you see the molten core?
Structure of the earth.
Edible earth homework

One home work this term has included making a 3d model of the earth and its structure. 

Look what one person did!  We all agreed, it was a very delicious earth.

finding out about tectonic plates and the formation of mountains
An edible volcano!
Separating materials - sieving - science
Filtering materials in science
separating salt and water- evaporation

Science week March 2018

This week the children in Olive class have been enjoying and learning in science week. We carried out workshops  on electronics and circuits, materials and changes, ICT, CSI investigators and fire. We attended the science fair on Friday.  See our photos.

Science - Forces and - Materials - Changing Materials


This term we have been investigating forces and materials.  See our photos to see what we have been up to. 

learning about circuits and switches
workshop on fire
Oxford science led a workshop on fire
We enjoy finding out about materials
material changes
Some material mixtures produce gases
science fair
ICT and science learning at the science fair
science fair
Wow - chemical reactions
using tablets in science.
We have been using the tablets to help with our research in science
air resistance
Our investigation into air resistance and parachutes
We reviewed the properties of different materials. This group were testing for conductivity.

Our trip to Viridor Energy Conversion Plant

We saw science in the real world at Viridor. This plant processes rubbish into energy.
All kitted out
We were kitted out in safety gear on trip. We looked very professional.
the control room.
The control room was very high tech!
Rubbish from Oxfordshire homes is brought to the plant and the enormous claw aerates it before burning.

On our Viridor trip, we learnt about the problem of what to do with all the RUBBISH!  The plant handles millions of tonnes of waste from Oxfordshire homes each year and operates 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  New technology means that instead of landfill, the rubbish can now be burnt to produce energy to power homes. This does not mean however that we can forget about recyling and re-using.  We learnt about how to manage our own waste at home and at school so that we can reduce our waste footprint and the amount of waste going into black bin bags.  We learnt about how to create a packed lunch with a reduced waste footprint.  

World Book Day

World book day took place on Thursday 1st March with the snow swirling around us!

Every one dressed up including the teachers.  It was a lot of fun.

We read poems about books in English and listened to stories read by our teachers.  


world book day
Gangsta Granny visits school!
world book day
Can you guess the characters?
world book day 2018
Emily and Lucas- or is it?
class world book day
The worst witch even had her own book of spells.

Design Technology - Making products for a purpose

pop up cards
Hoping for Spring weather.
pop up cards
DT pop up mechanisms
DT - Pop Up Cards
Look at our beautiful pop-up cards.

In design and technology we have been learning how to create a pop up card. We created a range of different cards using this technique. 

Art- The Oxford Mail came to take photos of year 5 children preparing for an exciting summer whole school and community project which aims to upgrade the underpass that leads to our school from Old Marston. 

preparation for the summer art project
The proposed summer art project 2018

The Stone Age - Our winter topic 

Flint workshop - the flints were very sharp.
A spear head made from flint.
Exploring flints - the stone age tool of choice
Flint knapping

Miss Monkley visited our class last week and told us all about the stone age skill of flint knapping. We handled large pieces of flint and learnt how they were turned into working tools. It was very interesting.


Hill End Camp Neolithic Experience - Out Door Learning 


Today year 5 went to Hill End Camp for an outdoor Stone Age experience. It was fantastic! The sun shone and we lived as Stone Age children for the day. Have a look at what we did in the photos.  After lunch, we worked on our team buidling skills in the outdoor challenge area. We found out that we needed to show lots of our values including unity, perseverance and courage.  Well done Olive class for a great day out.

The Stone Age Neolithic house at Hill End Camp
We learnt how to make spears.
We cooked bread on the open fire and gathered fruits.
The stone age people would have hunted wild boar
We learnt about how they ground wheat to make bread
We worked together in unity on team challenges.
ofsted e-safety