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Summer term 2

Teaching in Palm class this year is Mrs La Vertue and Sadia. PPA will be covered by Dale and Mrs Newsham on a Wednesday afternoon. Mr Nicholls will teach Science on a Thursday afternoon. If you need to speak to Mrs La Vertue please feel free to arrange a time via e-mail.

Homework is sent home every Wednesday and is due on Monday of each week.

This term our value is Friendship

Our topic this term is Kingdoms and Castle

Our library day is Tuesday

PE is on Wednesday

This week our spellings are:

love, how , made, make , what

Living Eggs

We were lucky enough to meet 4 new members of the school community this week - brand new bay chicks. The chicks had hatched earlier in the week in EYFS and spent Friday in Key Stage 1. The children held the chicks and watched them move. They felt so soft and tiny in our hands! They will spend next week in school too before returning to a more natural habitat in time for the Easter holidays.

Super Science Week!

We thoroughly enjoyed Science Week in Palm Class and had the opportunity to take part in lots of different activities. The Science Oxford workshop was very popular and the children got to make predictions and observe what happened when their ideas were tested. They were trying to answer questions such as what material is best for an umbrella, does chocolate make a good pan for heating milk and what is a good material to make an anchor out of? Mia enjoyed testing out the paper umbrella and the children were mesmerised when a chocolate button was held above a candle. It actually caught fire!

In class Mr Aylett carried out an investigation using Skittles and warm water with some very attractive results.

A big thank you to Jacob's mum, Rose's mum and Ryan's dad (Beech class) for coming in and sharing their science knowledge and expertise with us!


Pizza Express

Palm Class had a fantastic trip to Pizza Express on Wednesday 7th March.  They travelled to Oxford and back on the public bus and were given the opportunity to talk about and taste a range of pizza topping ingredients.  The mozzarella was by far the favourite with the olives proving fairly unpopular!  Each child then made their own margarita pizza to take back to school with them.  The children behaved beautifully and thoroughly enjoyed themselves - especially the eating of the pizza at the end.

World Book Day

We had some fantastic book themed costumes in Palm Class to celebrate World Book Day on Thursday 1st March.  Can you work out which books the characters came from?

Fantastic Forest School

Every 6 weeks a few children from Palm Class get to have weekly adventures at Forest School with Carol, Robert and some of Beech Class too. The children have taken part in den building and various other activities linked to our topics or the curriculum.  The hot chocolate and biscuits always go down very well too.  The photos show how much fun they are having and what some of you still have to look forward to!


We had a fantastic afternoon carrying out our Building Challenge.  The children were given the task of making a tower as tall as they could or a bridge; both of which had to stand up on their own.  Our unique building materials were spaghetti and marshmallows.  The children thought carefully about how to make the structures strong and stable and showed great team work too.  We found out that triangles make very strong shapes and that a wider base was stable - just like the Eiffel Tower! A big thank you to the parents who were able to join us!

Brilliant Building

Respect Week

Palm Class started the week with a lovely visit to the reflection space that has been created this week in school as part of Respect Week.  The children were quiet and focused as they thought about things they were thankful for, things they were sorry for and ways they would like to help people who are less fortunate than themselves.

Super Science

This week we carried out a science investigation 'Which paper towel is the best to soak up water?'  We made a predication and carried out the investigation by testing 4 types of kitchen towel.  The children used pipettes to put water on a plate and observed how absorbent each paper towel was.  We talked about the results and decided that Blitz was the best.  It was great fun!

Amazing Art

We had a great time creating winter paintings.  We looked at some winter photos and talked about the shapes and colours we could use.  Then we used brown oil pastels to draw the main features of the scene and added snow with white paint and cotton buds. I'm sure you'll agree they are masterpieces!

Children in Need

Palm Class getting into the spirit of Children in Need by wearing spots or special T- shirts and dressing up as Pudsey.  They absolutely loved it, looked amazing and it was all in aid of a fantastic cause.  The Pudsey Bear cookies at break time also went down extremely well! 

Remember, remember...


In the days following November 5th Palm Class had lots of fun creating their own firework pictures.  We used cotton buds and brightly coloured paint for the fireworks and then added silhouette shapes and figures that we drew and cut out ourselves from black sugar paper.  It was quite a challenge but the finished pictures all look amazing!

Palm Class Term 1

Palm Class had a fantastic first term and are now fully settled and loving their learning!  The progress they are making is fantastic! Our topic All About Me was a great success with the children learning all about their bodies and their senses as well as drawing self portraits and sketches of their peers.  A real highlight has been Mystery Reader!  It has been so lovely to feel the anticipation in the room and the looks of joy as the reader walked in.  We have already had our first Mystery Reader this term; a big thank you to Rose's mum for sharing such a lovely story and to all the readers from last term.


In Unity Week we enjoyed watching and meeting the Maasi Warriors from Kenya and Ruiwen and her mum taught us all about China with the help of some of the other children in the class.

Fabulous Phonics

A big thank you to all of you who attended the fantastic Phonics Workshop last week.  For those of you who were unable to attend or did not receive a handout please find the handouts here.  We are hoping to be able to run this session again in the near future so if you were unable to attend please don't feel that you have missed out. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like some further support with Phonics!

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