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Welcome to Palm Class!

Our school value this term is: Friendship.

Miss Mazey is the Class Teacher, supported by Teaching Assistants Lisa, Jenny, Matt and Robert.

We are very proud of how well all the children have transitioned from Beanstalk class,

settling into our new Year One class so quickly!


In our first week in Palm Class we painted self-portraits.
We used mirrors to check we included all of our facial features and selected appropriate colours.
We also created faces out of play-dough too!
We are learning about our bodies in Science this term. We are really enjoying learning through play in our hospital role-play!
We have been doing some fantastic child-initiated writing on clipboards in our hospital. We are so busy taking telephone messages, making notes on our patients, and writing prescriptions!
Sometimes we get very serious emergency calls through on our 999 hotline!
We had a fab fun day on Tuesday 13th September, dressing up to celebrate Roald Dahl's 100th birthday!
Even the adults dressed up! Miss Mazey was Willy Wonka from 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'!
Jenny was the peach from 'James and the Giant Peach'. Lisa was an Oompa-Loompa from 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'.
Ella's mum, who is a Paediatrician, a doctor who looks after children, came in to teach us all about her exciting job!
Dr Travis showed us how to use special equipment, like a stethoscope!
She helped us to learn lots more about our bodies!

Welcome back to Palm Class for Term 2!

Our school value this term is: Appreciation.

We have had a fantastic start to this term with our exciting Key Stage 1 trip to the cinema and our class sharing assembly on Friday 11th November - thanks to all those who could attend to support us! :-)

Miss Mazey, Lisa and Jenny were particular proud of how well the children conducted themselves when representing the school when out-and-about in Oxford on our cinema trip.

We also want to commend them on their bravery in standing up to perform in front of the whole school for our assembly with very little practice!

We are now looking forward to the run-up to Christmas, culminating with our spectacular Key Stage 1 Nativity on Thursday 8th December, which we hope you will be able to attend!


In English we have been writing instructions, one set of which were the steps to making the perfect jam sandwich!
In Maths we have been practising our number writing using chalks outside which was really fun!
We have been working really hard to learn our number bonds to 5, 10 and 20.
Now we have moved on to learning about 2D and 3D shapes!
In Science we have been learning about the seasons. We have been enjoying walks around the school grounds to observe Autumnal changes!
We have had a fab fun time on our Autumnal walks climbing the willow dome and playing in the crunchy Autumn leaves!
Following our walks each child created their own piece of artwork to share their observations of Autumnal seasonal changes. Some collaged using leaves they had collected...
...others finger-painted...
...whilst some drew using pastels - all are very beautiful pieces of art which are now on display outside our classroom!
Miss Mazey is very impressed with the effort some of us have gone to with our homework so far this term... there are lots of incredible models being made at home!

Welcome back to Palm Class for the Spring Term! 

Our school value this term is: Freedom.

In term 3 our theme has been 'The Three Little Pigs' - we have been retelling the story in English and focusing on the use of different materials in Science.

Some of us have been busy creating amazing models of the three little pigs homes as part of our homework!
We have been on 'material hunts' around the school during Science!
We enjoyed going on a 'Google Virtual Expedition' in Computing!
We enjoyed our Year 6 'Book Buddies' visiting us to share stories! We also visited them to celebrate 'Mother-tongue Day'.

Welcome back to Term 4 of Palm Class!

Our school value this term is: Perseverance. 

This term the theme of our learning is 'Jack and the Beanstalk'.

Thank you to all the parents/carers who attended our 'Maths Stay and Learn' on Monday 27th February, as well as the Phonics Meeting followed by our class sharing assembly on Friday 3rd March - it was fab to see so many of you in attendance! :-)

We are looking forward to celebrating the national theme of 'change' during Science Week 13-17th March, which will culminate in an inspirational visit from Science Oxford on the Friday!

We have really enjoyed exploring the brand new play equipment on the field, which the school were very grateful to receive lottery funding to purchase! :-)
In English we have been retelling the story of 'Jack and the Beanstalk' through drama, which we acted to the whole school during our sharing assembly!
We've also had the opportunity to vote for our favourite picturebook.
Our roleplay has been a post office this Spring term, linked to the tales of 'The Jolly Postman'. We have loved writing and sending letters and cards!
We had a fab fun day celebrating 20 years of 'World Book Days' and 30 years of 'Where's Wally?' on Thursday 2nd March! :-)
In Maths we have been learning how to use a numberline to add and subtract.
We have also been learning about capacity of containers using cubes...
...and FREEZING cold water!!!
Miss Mazey has been running an after-school 'Cross-Stitch Club' for Years 4-6 during the Spring Term...
...with help from her very kind 'expert' cross-stitcher mum Wendy...
...and her cross-stitcher 'newbie' sister Emily! Thanks very much to the both of them for volunteering their Monday evenings away! :-)

Palm Class Science Week Celebrations!


Tristan's dad kindly came in to do a session on paper programming with us!
We created our own spinners and had great fun exploring colour change with them.
Bea's mum came in to bake with us so we could learn about 'irreversible changes'.
We also had a fab fun with bubbles!
Getting super messy with gloop was great fun too!
We also spent time learning about 'reversible changes' - including solid ice melting into liquid water, then being frozen back into solid ice!
We also explored 'reversible change' through a rather sticky chocolate button experiment...
...we warmed up the chocolate in the palm of our hands for 5 minutes - which made it go rather gooey!!!
Before running on the field with our chocolaty palm open for 5 minutes...
...when we came back inside we noticed the chocolate had 'solidified'!
Then we had to clear up the remains of our experiment... licking our fingers!!! The chocolate was delicious! :-)
We learnt a lot of Science about 'Amazing Animals' when 'Science Oxford' came to visit us on the Friday!
We enjoyed an interactive quiz, learning the correct answers through fun demonstrations. Here Ella is helping Sophie to measure the size of a whale!
We also worked in pairs to test our reflexes.
We explored 'reversible change' with jelly too. First we smelt the strawberry and felt the 'solid' texture of the cubes, before ripping them up...
...and watching them 'melt' and 'dissolve' into hot water, creating a 'liquid'.
Once the jelly had 'solidified' again after being put in the fridge for a few hours, we had great fun getting messy with it!!! =D
We really enjoyed meeting the newly-hatched chicks, which have helped us to learn about the life-cycle of a chicken in Science.
Miss Mazey definitely loved cuddles with the chicks most of all!!! :-)
Here is some of our writing in response to our 'sooper cewt' chick visitors! As you can see we are becoming more confident to apply our phonics learning to our independent spelling! :-)
It was fab using the 'Living Eggs' as an opportunity to learn about the life-cycle of a chicken in Science.
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