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Welcome to Sunflower Class! :-)
Laura is the teacher who greets you every morning with a big smile on her face. Luckily she loves beautiful, bright and cheery sunflowers too!

Welcome to Sunflower Class! :-)


All the Early Years team really enjoy working with our little Sunflowers and their families so no doubt we will have a fab year together!


Please come and talk to Laura directly if you have any questions or concerns.

However, if she is not avaliable please do use the 'Email Laura' button at the top of the page.


Teaching & Learning in the Early Years

Over this academic year we will be covering the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, a distinct phase of education covering birth to the end of the Reception year. Please cut and paste or follow the link below to find out more: 

Children in our EYFS unit learn through a balance of adult-led and child-initiated experiences. Young children learn best when they explore and experience things first-hand, often in playful ways. Our team are all experienced in supporting children to make the most of learning opportunities. Please be reassured we will be putting your child's emotional and physical well-being at the heart of all we do!




Welcome back to Term 6 in Sunflowers! :-)

...sadly our final term together, but luckily we have lots of lovely memories to make before we have to say goodbye! :'-(


This term our school value will be 'Friendship', which is a fantastic one to end the academic year with!

Our core story will be one of Laura's all-time favourites, the classic 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle.

We will also continue to learn our core Nursery Rhymes by heart too, as well as preparing for our

Summer Early Years play 'Happy Hat Land'! The performance will take place on Tuesday 3rd July at 9:30am.


Other dates for your diary include:

Our Reception sports afternoon on Tuesday 19th June.

Our school fete on Saturday 7th July!

Early Years will be going on a rather fun but educational day trip to Odds Farm on Tuesday 10th July

- volunteers are more the merrier!

Our last day in Sunflowers together will be Wednesday 25th July. 


Please remember to always keep your eyes peeled for school newsletters and letters for further dates and information...



*Please remember to check Tapestry regularly to see photos and observations of what busy bees your children are

- it's a fab way to stay in touch with what they are learning at school! :-) *





Here is the pictogram Sunflowers created when voting for their favourite part of our core story. As you can see it was a unanimous decision that the end, where the billy goats get their revenge on the mean troll, was the best bit! :-)

Review of Term 5 in Sunflowers...


This term our school value was 'Courage'.

which we explored through the bravery of the three goats in our core story 

'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'.

We also spent alot of time focused on learning our six core nursery rhymes.

Please find theses attached in document form at the side of the page so you can continue practising them at home... 


Sunflowers also throughly enjoyed celebrating the Royal Wedding

of Prince Harry and Meghan! :-)

Please see the delightful pictures below...


We created crowns for all the Princes and Princesses in Sunflower!
We built castles for the Royal Family... well as Royal jails! =D
We had a wonderful Royal Wedding lunch along with the rest of the school, featuring traditional British fish 'n' chips - tasty!
We wrote cards to congratulate the Royal couple.
The day before the nuptials we had our own wedding party, where we got dressed up for the occasion in our crowns...
...and went outside to enjoy a very civilized special snack to raise a glass of fizz (aka cloudy lemonade) to the happy couple! =D
Laura loved chick-sitting at the weekend! :-)

We break up at 1:30pm on Thursday 29th March, with the new term commencing on Tuesday 17th April.

Hope you all have a fab Easter break! :-)

Review of Term 4 in Sunflowers...


We have been learning about how to demonstrate our school value of 'Responsibility'.

We have focused on taking care of our own personal belongings, helping out with everyday jobs around the classroom,

and accepting the consequences of our actions - both positive and negative.


The fun and learning we shared this term mainly focused on retelling the traditional tale of 'The Enormous Turnip'.

Please check out the children's fantastic collaborative story map below comprising of

drawings and descriptive sentence writing about the characters.



Sunflowers collaborative story map...
The old man.
The old lady.
One big brown cow.
Two fat pigs.
Three black cats.
Four speckled hens.
Five white geese.
Six yellow canaries.
The little mouse.
The big turnip!



A big thank you for supporting World Book Day on Thursday 1st March 

- the children had a wonderful day despite the freezing temperatures and snow! :-)

Laura was Little Miss Muffet... whilst Alma was the spider who sat down beside her!
Sunflowers all enjoyed World Book Day in their costumes! :-)
Miss Duff was one of the crayons that quit!


 Thank you to all who attended the phonics workshop on Tuesday 20th February! :-)

Below are some useful resources...

Buried Treasure -

Geraldine the Giraffe, YouTube -

Phonics Sounds -



Review of Term 3 in Sunflowers...


This term we had a positive time learning all about our school value of 'Respect'.

We learnt how to show respect to others by being polite, our classroom by keeping it tidy and wider environment by recycling.


We also thoroughly enjoyed all our fantastic learning focused on our core story, the well loved tale of 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'

We have retold the story via both song and actions, supported by the author Michael Rosen himself!

Please encourage your child to retell it to you at home using the link below: 


Sunflowers also created their very own bear cave in our roleplay area, as well as going on exciting welly walk bear hunts!

Whilst we didn't find any bears, we did manage to spot five wild deer in our meadow! :-)


Bear Hunt Story map

Check out our awesome Bear Hunt story map! :-)

Sunflowers were particularly proud of their collaborative story map, created using some amazing artwork. 

Lots of children chose to add some great descriptive vocabulary onto these images too using sticky labels.

Long wavy grass! Swishy swashy!
Deep cold river! Splash splosh!
Thick oozy mud! Squelch squerch!
Big dark forest! Stumble trip!
Swirling whirling snowstorm! Hoooo woooo!
Narrow gloomy cave! Tiptoe!

Please see the galleries below for some previous learning opportunities Sunflowers experienced during Term 2...

Come in and see all our hard work and learning on display!

Christmas has arrived in Sunflower Class - we have fairy lights galore! =D

Bye-bye Clara! :-(

Goodbye & Goodluck Clara!

Sadly Clara is leaving us for another TA job closer to home, her last day will be Friday 1st December.

We would like to say a massive THANK YOU for everything you have done in Sunflower class - we will miss you very much and would like to wish you GOOD LUCK!

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