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Welcome to Spring Term 1. Our value this term is Respect.



This term, in Topic, we will be learning about Ancient Greece. We will look at the geography of Greece, Greek culture, art and theatre. We will also look at the beginnings of democracy and have a quick run through the subject of Olympics.

Did you know?

A form of direct democracy in ancient Greece was practised in the city-state of Athens for about 100 years. It was an experiment. The people really liked it.


Our Topic this term is Ancient Greece


In Guided Reading we will be getting to know a selection of Greek Myths.

Writing this term will focus on newspaper reports, poetry and persuasive pamphlets.



Not surprisingly, in P4C we’ll meet one of Greece’s most famous philosophers – Socrates. You will be happy to know that our philosophical discussions are focussed around basic Socratic Questions such as:

  • Can you give an example of…?
  • Can you explain that...?
  • Can you put it another way...?
  • How do we know that...?
  • Do you have any evidence...?


In science we will be learning about forces and changing states.

We are hoping for many EUREKA moments. (Let’s not forget about Archimedes!).

So much to learn! Wish us luck!

Welcome to Yew Class Webpage

Autumn Term 1

Teaching in Yew class this year is Mrs Croydon.

If you need to speak to Mrs Croydon please feel free to use the email function on the class page, or arrange to meet before or after school at a mutually convenient time.

Homework is sent home every Wednesday and is due on Monday of each week.

This term our value is Unity

Welcome to Term 1 in Yew class. This term our value in Unity.


Dear children, parents and carers,

Our topic for the Autumn term is the Stone Age. I am very excited to be taking you on this exhilarating journey through human history.

We will be looking at many aspects of pre-historic life starting with the Stone Age time line, followed by a Flint knapping workshop from our tool-making expert- Miss Monkley. We will research our ancestors’ diet, look at the way they lived, find out about hunters and gatherers as well as checking out Stone Age inventions.

In Art we will learn about cave paintings and have a go at creating our own masterpieces.

In the last week of September, we will visit Hill End Camp and take part in a Stone Age Settlement workshop. Watch this space for upcoming pictures!


We already have some super homework projects for all to see! :-)


Stone Henge by Connor
Stone Henge by Hazel
Stone Age dwelling by Aleesa

In Guided Reading we will be enjoying a classic- Stig of the Dump by Clive King.


Maths this term will focus on improving our knowledge of place value, decimals and formal operations.


Swimming lessons at Ferry Pool are on Tuesday mornings and PE is on a Thursday. Make sure you have all you need for these sessions.

Check out our Stone Age artifacts!

A quick reminder: Our class assembly is on 6th October.


A selection of pictures from our last week's trip to Hill End:

What a day!
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