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Term 4

Our work continues to be based on the topic of Ancient Greece.

This term we will be looking at Greek myths and poetry, geography of Greece, famous Greek philosopher – Socrates and equally famous Greek scientist –Archimedes … (the possibilities are endless).


In Literacy we have been writing newspaper reports based on Greek Myths. We learned the difference between a balanced and a biased report. We had great fun interviewing Theseus and Ariadne (as we’ll as Daedalus) to find out what they had to say about their ordeals and encounters with the mean King Minos.

Read our biased headlines:

‘Beautiful princess abandoned on a savage island’

‘Ariadne betrayed by a selfish prince’

‘Father and Son imprisoned by unscrupulous Minos.’

Welcome to Term 5.

This term’s value is TOLERANCE.


This term’s learning journey:

Literacy: Spooky short stories.

Maths: place value, units of measure plus lots of ‘maths on the boil.’

Topic with focus on geography:  Extreme Earth.

Science: Changing materials.

Art: ‘Take One Picture’ project involving a 3D crowd installation.

Music: Festival of Voices.



This term we will be going on a class trip to… BOLOUGNE!

We can’t wait!!!

Welcome to YEW Class Election 2017.

During the Tolerance week we will be running an election campaign with the view of choosing Little Prime Ministers for the last day of our Values Week.

These are our school political parties.

Manifestos in the pipe line…

The Syllabies: You have a chance- USE IT!
Scholar Fish Party: Fishing for a Better Future!
Vice Versa Party: Working For Yew!
Multi-Colour Party: Dance to Brightness!
World In Rainbow Party: Let's Be United Together!
Yew's ballot paper
World Book Day
Where is Wolly?
Happy Mother's Day
Science Week

Gardening corner:

We have ordered our seeds, planned and tidied our raised bed and started our plants indoors. WE have appointed class gardening monitors who will look after our seedlings and make sure that they are watered and talked to every day J.


We have employed our Greek theatre masks in the performance of Theseus and the Minotaur. Our Greek chorus was very entertaining: both tragic and comical.

Values Week:

We have been discussing the value of Freedom. As a stimulus, we used the Greek myth of Daedalus and Icarus and their unfortunate escape from the island of Crete during which Daedalus lost his beloved son. Our questions were: Is freedom worth dying for? Are we free to disobey others? Should we persevere even if there are risks?



Science Week:

Our Science week this term was a great success. We chose Archimedes (surprise, surprise!) as our Scientist of the year. After finding put lots about the man himself, we focused on some of his inventions, such as: Archimedes’ claw, Archimedes’ screw and the law of buoyancy. We enjoyed making and experimenting with one of t=his ingenious machines:

Archimedes' Claw
Archimedes' Screw
We've made models of Archimedes' screw
Testing, testing...
It works!

Lots and lots of seasonal activities!


All throughout this term we will be getting ready to celebrate Christmas.

We will produce tons of Christmas art, invite parents for a hands-on craft session and perform our Gentle Christmas sing-song as well as celebrate our achievements to date with a Yew class assembly.


Watch this space!



Spring Term

Happy New Year!


Topic: Ancient Greece.


In topic this term we will be learning about the Ancient Greece. We will have a closer look at the geofraphy of Greece and how it influenced Greek life; Greek time line and its links to other parts of the ancients world; Greek democracy verses modern democracy.



Literacy this term will be linked to our topic. We will be studying a wide selection of Greek myths, writing recounts of the stories and learning how to put together a newspaper report.


After half-term we will look at the Greek poetry and have a go at writing our own plays based on Greek tragedies and comedies.



Surprise, surprise!

Art will also be based on the topic! We will be zooming on the Greek theatre and having fun creating 3D Greek theatre masks. We are hoping to use them in our plays in the following term. Exciting!!!

Just a warm-up.
First steps.
The story of Deadalus and Icarus analysed...



This is such a super P4C topic! Apart from all the puzzling questions that Greek myths open to us, we are able to link our philosopical discussions to this term's value - FREEDOM.




Our class sharing assembly will be in the first week after half-term.

Do come and jin us for more of the Greek-based fun!


In Science this term we are learning about the life and reproductive cycle of plants and animals. In order to have a closer and more detailed look at the reproductive parts of a flower, we will be learning how to use microscopes. Children will be disecting flowers and having a go at making their own water-mount microscope slides.


If you have anything exciting to share with me, I can be contacted at the above address.


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