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Breakfast and After School Club

09 November 2016




Staff Diane Newsham Club Leader Dale Phelps

Our Breakfast Club runs daily from 8am until 8.45am in Daisy class. Places at the Breakfast Club do not need to be booked in advance. The charge is £3 per session to be paid either on arrival or in advance if your child attends regularly.

We reserve the right to cancel your child’s place at the Club if there are fees outstanding in excess of £30 or if any payments remain outstanding for longer than three months.

The children are offered a breakfast of cereal, toast and a drink. After this they are able to enjoy quiet play activities and games.

We like to encourage the children to clean their teeth after their breakfast, so if your child attends the Breakfast Club on a regular basis, please provide them with a named toothbrush to be kept at the club.

At the end of each session children from Key Stage One are be taken to their classroom by a member of the Breakfast Club staff. Children from Key Stage Two are encouraged to go to their classroom independently.


Staff Diane Newsham Club Leader Jane Howells Viv Jones Dale Phelps
Jenny Smith Waala Taylor

The After School Club runs from 3.15pm until 5.30pm daily. The charge is £8-00 per session.

If you wish to book a place at the Club either see Diane Newsham, or alternatively contact the School office, either in person, by telephone or via e-mail, We need places to be booked 24 hours in advance to guarantee that your child gets the place you require. We will always try to find a place at short notice or in an emergency, but we must stress that, to meet legal staffing ratios, we need to have places and numbers arranged 24 hours in advance.

Payment for places must be made in advance, either weekly or termly, by cash or by cheque made payable to “St Nicholas’ Primary School”. Payments are non-refundable unless you cancel a booked session with at least one weeks notice. Regular bookings will be continued into a new term unless cancelled with the Club Leader. If you wish to cancel your regular booking please advise in writing.

We reserve the right to cancel any places booked if there are fees outstanding in excess of £100 or if any payments remain outstanding for longer than three months.

If your child is away from school through illness you will be charged the reduced rate of £4-00 for the sessions missed. If you feel your child will be away from school for several days through illness and you wish to cancel their place for those days, please inform the school office of the dates you wish to cancel. Cancellations can only be made for forthcoming sessions, not sessions on the same day. Please be aware that, should your child return to school earlier than you anticipate, their attendance would be subject to availability of places.

If a child who is booked to attend the Club is sent home during the school day for behavioural issues a reduced rate of £4-00 will be charged for the session missed.

We offer discounted places to children who use the Club on a daily basis and whose places are booked and paid for in advance for the term. Children who attend for five days a week and whose places are paid in advance are charged the reduced rate of £35-00 per week, representing a saving of £5 per week.

If your child attends the Club for two or more regular sessions per week and you pay for the term’s sessions in advance, you will receive a £1.00 per full week discount which equates to a saving of around £6.00 per term, depending on the length of the term.

We also offer half sessions for children whose siblings are attending one of the other School Clubs. Half sessions are from 3.15pm – 4.15pm and are charged at £4-00 per half session.

If a child booked in for a half session is not collected by 4.15pm we are obliged to add them to our register for a full session to ensure that we are legally covered to continue caring for them. In these circumstances a full session charge of £8-00 will be applied. If a sibling arrives at the Club until their parent arrives they too legally have to be added to our register and so a charge will be made.

If a child who is booked in for a session at the Club does not turn up and has been in school during that day, the Club Leader will contact the parent or carer listed on the child information form enclosed. Please therefore ensure we have up to date contact telephone numbers at all times.

Children must be collected by 5.30pm from the After School Club. If a parent or carer arrives after that time there will automatically be a charge of £8-00 for every 15 minutes, or part thereof, that they are late. However, if parents or carers are persistently late, we reserve the right to re-consider the child’s place at the Club.

We appreciate that there may be the odd occasion when parents or carers are unexpectedly delayed. If you believe that you will not arrive at the Club by 5.30pm to collect your child, we would ask that you telephone 07800 520116 to let the Club Leader know.

If a child has not been collected by 6.30pm, an hour after the Club’s finishing time, we will contact Social Services who will then make appropriate arrangements for the child.

On the last day of term when School finishes at 1.30pm, the After School Club will run until 3.30pm providing there are a minimum of eight children booked for the session. Should you wish to make a provisional booking for the last day of term please ensure that you inform the Club Leader who will record the request. If there are insufficient bookings, the Club Leader will inform parents a week before the end of term that the session will not be going ahead.

Children from Key Stage One are collected from their classrooms at the end of the day by a member of the Club staff. Key Stage Two children are encouraged to arrive at the Club independently.

We have a television/DVD which the children are allowed to watch when they first arrive at the Club whilst they are having a drink and biscuit. We feel that this will give them time to wind down after school, allowing them to get the maximum benefit from the activities that will be taking place at the Club.

The After School Club offers a wide range of activities including:- use of computers, Sports Hall, outside play equipment, nature walks, drama and role play, painting, craft activities, junk modelling. We also have an extensive range of construction toys, board games and puzzles.

We will also use feedback from the children who come to the Club to improve or change the activities offered. It is after all their Club and we will try, within reason, to give them activities that they want.

Later in the session the children will be given the opportunity to make their own sandwiches and drinks. They will also be offered a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables. If your child is allergic to any food please ensure that the details are completed on the enclosed form.

In line with food allergen regulations, the Breakfast and After School Club gas a record of potential allergens contained in the food and drink provided at the Club. If your child has a food allergy, please speak to the Club Leader who will be happy to discuss your child’s needs and share with you the information held on food served at the Club.

The room, all equipment and toys are inspected on a regular basis to ensure the safety of your children.

Use of Computers

The children are given the opportunity to use computers at the Club where they can access the programmes used during school time and also the internet. The computers have a filter to ensure that the children cannot access unsuitable material and, to further support this, the only games web sites that the children at After School Club are permitted to use are CBBC, CBeebies and Coolmaths.

Key Workers

In accordance with the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage legislation, children from the Foundation Stage are supported by a Key Worker whilst at Breakfast and After School Club.

The Key Worker’s role is to liaise with parents and carers and the Foundation Stage staff to ensure a smooth transition between home, school and the Breakfast and After School Club.

Any information or messages given by parents or carers of a child attending Breakfast Club is relayed to the child’s Key Worker in school when the child is taken to their class at the beginning of the school day. Likewise, when a child is collected from class at the end of the day, the staff in Foundation Stage pass on any information about the child’s day to the Club Key Worker. When the child is finally collected from After School Club, the Key Worker will relay the information or messages to the parent or carer.

The names of the Key Workers are displayed in the corridor outside the After School Club and, should there be any changes due to illness etc, the name of the replacement Key Worker will be amended on the notice board.

All staff at the Club are always willing to discuss your child’s care, any problems that arise and relay messages to and from teachers for children of all ages who attend the Club.


The Club follows the school’s Good Behaviour policy which the children are all familiar with. If a child receives three Fix It forms in a week during their time at Breakfast or After School Club a meeting will be held with their parents to discuss whether this is a suitable setting for their child.

Child Protection

The staff are always ready to discuss with you any concerns you may have about your child. Our first responsibility is to the children in our care. If we have any concerns about the welfare or safety of a child, we have a duty to share these concerns with the appropriate authority, in accordance with our Child Protection policy.

Pricing policy

We will review our prices in April each year and any changes will be advised in writing at that time.

Complaints policy

It is hoped that children, parents and staff can resolve any issues that they are unhappy with, through discussion.

However if a parent wishes to make a complaint they should make it in writing to the Club Leader and give details about the complaint. The matter will be acknowledged and investigated within fourteen days. If there is a delay the Club will inform the complainant of the reasons for the delay. The Club will give you a reply to the complaint. The response will be shared with the staff members concerned, with recommendations for any action to be taken. The matter will also be reported to the management committee.

If the issue is not resolved the complaint should be made in writing to the Headteacher. The matter will then be discussed at a specially convened committee meeting and a reply will be sent within four weeks. The decision of the management committee is final.

Ofsted has responsibility for ensuring the Club meets the necessary standards and delivers the Early Years Foundation Stage. Complaints about how the Club meets these standards can be referred to Ofsted on telephone number 0300 123 1231.



8.00am till 8.45am

Children will be given breakfast on arrival and will have a choice of quieter, calmer activities such as reading, puzzles, drawing, colouring or board games. They will also have the use of the computers in the ICT suite.


3.15 –4.00pm Children will be given a drink and a biscuit on arrival and will have a quiet time either watching TV, reading or listening to a story. There will be various activities on offer – craft activities, use of the computers or general play. Children will be able to do their homework if they wish. 4.00 – 4.30pm Outdoor play, weather permitting, or time in the Sports Hall. If the children are in another part of the School a sign giving details of our location will be displayed on the outside door. 4.30-5.00pm Children will prepare their own sandwiches and drinks and help clear away afterwards. 5.20pm Children will begin to tidy up ready to leave. 5.30pm Club closes.

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