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The School Library - Book Nest

The School Library is open to all children to come in an read a book, and children from Year 1 to 6 can borrow a book with parental permission. 

We have a wide range of books from picture books to teenager books, and a variety of non-fiction too.  The books are organised to follow the Oxfordshire libraries system so that children can follow their favourite authors or subjects in either the School or in any of the Oxfordshire libraries.

The School has a Reading Committee which meets twice a term in the Library to share ideas on how to promote reading throughout the school as well as passing on book requests from the classes they represent.
You may have heard from your child about the changes in the School Library - we think they have to be seen though!  Please come in to see the amazing mural and library tree that have emerged over the past few weeks.  The work is still in progress, so make sure you come back to see how the library develops. The stained glass window will transform the back wall!
We would like to thank FOSNs for the generous funding that has allowed all these improvements to happen.  And a very big thank you to the artists who have given their time and expertise for the library, in particular Johanna McNulty, Ang Edmondson and Lisa Baldwin.
As summer settles in, our next project is take reading outside into the playground.  But we will need more books to do this. If you have any unwanted children's books in good condition, particularly annuals, then please pass them to the Library so we can give them a second readership.
The School Librarians, Linda Grace and Angela Kecojevic
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